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Paypal Fee Calculator | Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Fee Calculator ?

Online Fee Calculator is one of the best PayPal Fee Calculation Software in Internet by which you will able to calculate that how much you are going to get when someone else send you that amount & how much you should send them to so that they receive the exact amount.

How does Paypal Fee Calculator Works ?

We have made our website UI very easy so that our user don’t have to struggle to find out their answers, We integrated all kind of payments part in our PayPal Fee Calculator Software like Merchant Account, Standard fees, Personal Payment / Sale (Domestic), International, Micropayments, Non-Profit, PayPal Here (tm) Fees, Virtual Terminal & more along with your countries & currencies. Just insert your number that you are to check & you are done.

Why it’s showing $0.00 USD ?

You just have to type in your number in there to see the results. Even if it’s not working. Contact Support.

What is Paypal Merchant Account/Seller Account & How to do Paypal Merchant Fees Calculation using your Calculator ?

Let’s make it simple for you, If you have Merchant Account, you got a license so that you can take payment from customers that they can pay via their Credit Card, In our Paypal Fees Calculator we have made slot for Merchant Fees in the form of You get (They took ) that you can check on the Advanced Calculation Option.
Slots are
$0 to $3,000 (USD)
$3,000+ to $10,000 (USD)
$10,000+ to $100,000 (USD)
$100,000+ (USD)

What is Paypal & Are you Affiliated to PayPal ?

PayPal ( is an American company, owned by eBay, the sector of electronic commerce on the Internet that allows the transfer of money between email users with an alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks or money orders. PayPal also processes payment requests in electronic commerce and other Web services, for which the seller charges a percentage. Most of their clientele comes from the online auction site eBay and MercadoLibre. Since 31 March 2008 the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eBay's John Donahoe.

Rates updated January 1, 2022. This site (Online Fee Calculator) is NOT affiliated with PayPal or Transaction fees are subject to change at any time. Please use at your own risk. This page only serves to calculate the approximate fees that PayPal charges.

Send your questions to support [at] onlinefeecalculator [dot] com.